How to Protect Your Estate

You need an Estate Will and an Estate Transfer Plan

If you have reached middle age and have been working diligently like the rest of us, more than likely, you will have some assets. These assets may be hidden around in shares, real estate, bank accounts, bitcoin wallets, and so on. Firstly, If you don’t have an estate will, and you have assets, then you need to get a will. There’s no if’s or but’s around this. If you don’t have one you are doing a disservice to every one close around you. Don’t be that person. Now onto the Estate Transfer Plan.....

What is Protect Will about?

You find yourself thinking about what will happen to your assets should either you or both your partner and yourself have an inadvertent accident. Some people decide to keep a physical green box. This box contains all important financial information, passwords for accounts, life insurance documents, and will, etc. We believe this is a great idea and should form the basis of your estate protection.

If you feel a green box is not for you and you would like a digital ‘green box’ then Protect Will can help you!

How it Works?

Protect Will has two main features that are important to help protect your estate:

  1. It allows you to write down any instructions or information that you may want to pass on to your estate trustee or close family or friends.
  2. How we do this is via an email check-in service. We send you an email at your requested frequency. We ask you to click on a link inside the email to check in back to our servers. Always make sure that the email comes from [email protected].
  3. If you don’t check in then we will send another reminder 3 days after the first. If you don’t check in for a further 3 days then we will send an email to your contacts with the information you have provided.
  4. After this, your account is paused until it is re-activated again.

Who this Helps?

This service can help anyone; however, there are certain groups of people that we find users recording the most benefit:

  • You’re a couple with no kids. Worried about how people will find your estate information should something happen to you?
  • You’ve had a good life and now you realize that your mind is not what it used to be. You sometimes forget where things are. This service will keep things you want remembered.
  • You’re extremely private about estate information and don’t want to discuss it before your time is up. This service will send out required information when you’re good as gone.
  • You’re a digital nomad and there is no single one place you are located. This service can be the single point for all your estate documents.
  • You’re paranoid that someone will break into your home and steal all your important items. The service can store your important estate documents.


You never know what life holds for us. Here one day and gone the next. Make sure your estate paperwork gets delivered to who needs it. Sign up to Protect Will.