Store your Will & Estate information securely online

Secured by PGP
Keep your essential information in one place to handover should something happen to you

No one expects death.
Keep your asset information in one place.
We accumulate assets over our lifetime, it can be nearly impossible for our loved ones to find all the information needed to ensure the seamless transfer our assets.

Protect Will: Usage Screenshots
We don’t hold your PGP keys.
We can never decrypt your information.
In Protect Will, you have the choice to store all your information with our zero knowledge protocol. Your message and files are all encrypted with PGP. This means we can’t even decrypt your estate information.

Protect Will: Client Side Encryption

Here’s how Protect Will zero knowledge protocol works:
Write a message.
Upload your files.
Add your contacts.
Generate your PGP Keys.

Protect Will then encrypts all your estate information in your browser on your local machine using PGP encryption.

Protect Will then send all the encrypted information back to our servers to be stored.

Give each person their key as a text file (eg on a USB stick).
Protect Will: Digital Key to your life
Simplicity should you choose it.
However if all the above sounds too complex, and you don’t want to worry about keys, then you can just let Protect Will encrypt all your data with our central key using our simplified method. This simple method is not a zero knowledge protocol, however it can make life easier for you.
What happens when something happens to you?

If you don’t respond to two emails that are within 3 days of each other, We will send an email to your contacts for them to download your information.

If you had PGP encrypted your data then they will also need to upload their key. We then decrypt all your data using their key and they can then download all your Estate Information. Again all decryption is handled locally on their computers and so we have zero knowledge of your information.

I like to think this is a Secure, Simple, and Effective way of forwarding your important data to your contacts.
Protect Will: Business Commitment
Running a reputable business is part of our commitment.
I’m a solo individual run business.
Zero debt, privately held, and built to stay, not exit.
Gold standard, responsive customer service.
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